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Discover what makes our fresh, natural and nutritious dog food stand head and shoulders above the rest of the pack!

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Sink your teeth in - we use a variety of food-quality meats for nutrition, flavor and variety!

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Jay Menon

“Processed food, day in, day out, is not the best food for humans. So how can it be for our dogs? I’m a firm believer of fresh, healthy food that’s most importantly, balanced. That’s why I believe in Doggy Bag.”

- Jay Menon, TV Host

Meredith M

“My dog spins in circles the minute I say 'Doggy Bag'. It's the exact same response as when I say 'You want to go for a walk?' Doggy Bag has turned out to be an amazing training tool!”

- Meredith M


“The verdict is in! 8-paw approval! Toby & Mushu (pictured) are BIG fans of Doggy Bag!! Plus, I wouldn't feed them anything I wouldn't eat myself...nuff said ;)”

- Becky

Why Doggy Bag?

fresh, natural and nutritious ingredients

human-grade meats

nutritionally balanced according to AAFCO (US) standards

no salt, preservatives or artificial additives

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Special Thanks

The Doggy Bag journey towards good nutrition would not have been possible without the help of these wonderful people:

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