satisfied diners

Four paws up for natural food!

My girls love it and I am jealous of the Sunday Roast - that looks so good and by the way they lick their bowls it obviously tastes soooo good!

- Allison Martin

I've never seen my dog lick his food bowl so much after finishing his food until he was introduced to Doggy Bag. It's Paw-licking-Good!!!

- Max Schmidt

The fur babies finished every last morsel with much gusto. You guys sure do have a good product going!

- Brenda James

Buji and Boboi love the food. Truly made with love!

- Jessica Jacob

Jazz developed a very bad allergy to meat in her diet. Her coat lost its lustre and she scratched in places until she would bleed. Since contacting Doggy Bag...she’s no longer suffering from bad allergies. I’m just so grateful Doggy Bag was able to help me and Jazz.

- Joan Allen, retired

Juggling marriage, a business, a baby and a dog means my head is sometimes all over the place. But the one thing I don't have to think about is my dog food. Doggy Bag delivers and reminds me when my dog food is running low, and Chelsea licks her bowl clean every time.

- Shawn Menon

I used to cook for Dory till work caught up and I didn't have time…she has been loving her Doggy Bag. I wanna see her grow old healthily.

- Karen Khoo