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Fresh from our kitchen to your dog

BEEF Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, beef is a natural and tasty source of protein your dog will love.
CHICKEN Rich in amino acids and low in fat.
mutton For variety, flavor and of course the protein every dog needs to stay fit.
LIVER (beef & chicken) Full of the meaty vitamins and minerals essential for canine health.
CHICKEN GIZZARD A great source of iron, minerals and glucosamine for continued joint and cartilage health.
CIHCKEN HEART A scrumptious source of taurine, an essential amino acid.
SARDINES These little fish are packedn with fatty acids that keep coats, joints and brains healthy.
BROCCOLI This superfood is rich in fiber and vitamin C to keep furkids going strong.
BROWN RICE Unpolished rice is high in natural fiber and a good source of selenium, which promotes a healthy coat and immune system.
CABBAGE Rich in vitamins, aids digestion and promotes healthy skin.
CARROTS Chock-full of carotene for overall health.
CAULIFLOWER This little white wonder is rich in healthy vitamins and soluble fiber.
CHEESE We use this calcium-rich, vitamin-packed treat to add pizzazz to our meals. A little goes a long way!
CHICKPEAS Rich in protein and fiber, these lovely legumes help keep your dog’s tummy satisfied and aid digestion.
CORIANDER Fresh, full of flavor and just brimming with vitamins for general health.
CRANBERRIES These tart treats are crammed with vitamin C and dietary fiber.
DHAL A good source of protein, iron and fiber for doggy detox.
EGGS Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals for shiny and luxurious coats.
EGGShells Rich in calcium to build and maintain strong bones and healthy teeth.
HERBS Our special blend of canine herbs ensures every dog eats their greens - and feels great about it!
JICAMA Jicama a.k.a. sengkuang/yam bean is rich in calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins C and A. It’s also rich in fiber and the prebiotic inulin, which will keep doggy insides running smoothly
OIL Promotes a shiny coat and the absorption of essential vitamins.
PEAS Packed with soluble protein, B complex vitamins and other phytonutrients for canine health.
PUMPKIN Delicious, digestible, and rich in vitamin E.
RED LENTILS These little powerhouses are low in sugar and high in protein, fiber and iron.
SPINACH Rich in iron, fiber and minerals.
SUNFLOWER SEEDS Packed with a powerful combo of antioxidants, B-complex vitamins and vitamin E for healthy skin.
SWEET POTATOES One of the most nutritious veggies around and packed with beta carotene and dietary fiber.
TOMATOES They’re not just for ketchup - tomatoes are bursting with vitamins, antioxidants and beta carotene!
PURE LOVE Care, craft and quality that your dog will taste in every bite!
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