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Doggy Bag Press Release

The foundation for human health is good nutrition. Why should it be any different for a dog?

25 October, 2014 – Homegrown brand Doggy Bag Malaysia (Doggy Bag) introduces its range of fresh, natural, nutritious dog food which is manufactured from 100% food grade ingredients. Food has the ability to heal and dog food that’s deemed food grade is a really important distinction for the quality and integrity of the finished product.

Doggy Bag’s range of dog food is balanced according to the standards of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), by an independent canine nutrition consultancy based in the United States of America. To their knowledge, Doggy Bag is currently the first and only completely natural and fresh dog food manufacturer in the country, that adhere to these standards. The company is currently in the process of obtaining its registration with the Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia.

Among the most notable benefits for dogs on a balanced diet of fresh, natural and nutritious food is improved quality and shine on coat, improved skin conditions (particularly with dogs who exhibits signs of allergy), better levels of energy, and dog owners will be pleased to note that their pets produce less pungent stools and in a smaller quantity too, due to more efficient absorption of nutrition from the food.

Sara Lo, Co-Founder, Doggy Bag Malaysia said, “There are clear benefits behind using only human-quality ingredients. For one, testing protocols for human-grade ingredients are clearer than feed-grade ingredients. Secondly, human-grade ingredients do not include any waste or out-dated fragments of anything not fit for human consumption, thereby ensuring higher nutrition count”.

Reiterating this fact, Sazly Marhusin, Co-Founder, Doggy Bag Malaysia added, “When we get a new client and they tell us they’re feeding their dogs home cooked food, we applaud them. This effort in itself demonstrates that they are concerned over what their dog eats. But, for most of our clients who have made the switch from generic dog food to home cooked food, a niggling concern remains as to whether what they are feeding is sufficient –that’s where Doggy Bag comes in”.

Its highly popular range showcases four flavours which are:

BEEF and CARROTS: A moo-ving masterpiece of real beef chunks and brown rice, crisp carrots, tender spinach and sunflower seeds.

CHICKEN and PUMPKIN: Farm-tastically flavourful minced chicken breast and brown rice, golden pumpkin and broccoli.

MEAT and TWO VEG: A sumptuous symphony of real beef and chicken breast, brown rice, crunchy cabbage and dhal.

SUNDAY ROAST: A festival of real beef, mutton and chicken morsels, perky peas and roasted sweet potatoes

All the above flavours come with eggs, a delicate balance of herbs, cooked in our secret meaty broth and topped off with the exact amount of multi-vitamins and minerals.

“There have been reports of dogs aging poorly because they lack certain nutrients in their diet (regardless of the food being home cooked or store bought). That’s why we worry about what we feed dogs, because our customers shouldn't have to. We want to offer them peace of mind with Doggy Bag,” concluded Lo.

First timers who are keen on Doggy Bag’s range need only call the brand’s hotline at 018 313 5927 for advice and a personalised consultation.

About Doggy Bag Malaysia

Founded in 2011, Doggy Bag Malaysia is an independent Malaysian based company that aims to provide dogs with food made from 100% natural, food grade ingredients. Doggy Bag is backed by a Certificate in Canine Nutrition from Compass Education, UK, World Leaders for Animal Education, and is a registered Member of the International Society of Animal Professionals, UK (ISAP). It is also in the process of being registered with the Department of Veterinary Services, Malaysia. All Doggy Bag recipes are balanced by an independent canine nutrition consultancy in the United States of America.

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