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Is That The Dog’s Dinner!? (written for Expat Magazine)

If I asked you today, to describe dog food to me, what words would you use? Think about it for a second…

If you can’t think of anything positive to say about your dog food, why feed it to your dog?

When Doggy Bag first began its journey to feed dogs a healthier dinner, we wanted our clients to look at our food and say, ‘Wow!’, ‘It looks good!’, ‘I’d eat that!’ (in which case you could, because everything in there is fit for human consumption). We want ingredients to read: Chicken, beef, brown rice, carrots, spinach, pumpkin, lamb, eggs, sweet potato, lentils, yoghurt, liver, things we can relate to. Not by-products, meal, animal digest, tocopherols and other things we can’t even pronounce!

In the past few years, the pet food industry has recalled many popular brands of dog food that has caused a multitude of medical problems. While there are some excellent brands out there that offer unique, even organic, healthy options, many others skimp on the most basic ingredients. Elements used to make fertilizer, pesticides, the hardening agent in the manufacture of rubber, beaks, hoofs, feathers, diseased, dying animals, (the list goes on) are just some of the things used to make dog food… and according to the standards of the AAFCO, it’s allowed.

At Doggy Bag, it’s simple. Our food adheres to the standards of the AAFCO, but we do it using only the freshest of ingredients. Everything in our food is natural. No preservatives, no salt, no additives are ever included. We don’t even store food. The stove fires up only when orders come in. And just to make doubly sure we are feeding your fur kids properly, we went back to school and got certified in Canine Nutrition. In addition to that, ALL our recipes are further balanced in the US by a Canine Nutrition Consultancy, so we know it's all the good stuff in the right proportions. We are also members of the International Society for Animal Professionals.

What past experience has taught us since we began this journey, is that poor ingredients equal’s poor health in your dogs, with many of them suffering from food allergies. Unfortunately, a dog can develop an allergy at any time and age. But we strongly believe that good, fresh, wholesome, nutritious food can remedy that. On many occasions, Doggy Bag has worked closely with clients to help with their dogs allergies, by placing them on elimination diets, with results reaching far beyond our expectations.

We create fresh, vibrant recipes, packed with nutrition and we deliver it right to your door step, hassle free. We also feel it’s extremely important, to know our clients as best as we can (and by that, we mean the dog). We want to make sure they excel on our food, that there have been changes for the better, in their coat, breath, stool, temperament etc. We value feedback from our customers and we want to make sure, your dog is doing well on Doggy Bag.

So the next time you describe your dogs dinner to us…we hope words like ‘fresh’, ‘Yummy’, ‘meaty’, ‘wholesome’, ‘delicious’…will all come to mind, because they are being fed Doggy Bag!

Right for your dog. Right to your door.